Brain, Mind and Learning


The Brain, Mind and Learning Research Group conducts research at the intersection of neuroscience, education, psychology, and learning. The group aims to lead innovative research that connects the brain with learning and culture.

Members of the Brain, Mind and Learning Group conduct and share multidisciplinary research on the various factors involved in learning including: brain function, cognition, health, cultural context, and development.  The group  also fosters collaborative research among its members with national and international partners.

Brain, Mind, & Learning Group Research Projects

  • Non-cognitive skills and academic achievement
  • Perceptual aspects of information processing
  • International teacher preparation programs in special education
  • Children’s sociable cognition
  • Improvement in math learning through digital integration, and its brain activity
  • Functioning of deaf and hard-of-hearing children and adults
  • Numeracy skills in children and adults
  • Early childhood and language learning through digital tools