Critical Pedagogy


The aim of the Critical Pedagogy Research Group is to develop theoretical and applied understandings of the purposes and practical applications of critical pedagogy in diverse contexts of learning. Members draw broadly on critical theory and research along with the works of Paulo Freire, his intellectual legacy and other seminal works in the field of critical pedagogy.

Through processes of analysis, and collaborative research, the group was formed as a community of well-informed education professionals. Researchers and practitioners at ECAE, other universities, schools and agencies in the education sector critically examine challenges within the theoretical and practical understandings and applications of critical pedagogy in the areas of curriculum, assessment, teaching and learning in diverse contexts.

Critical Pedagogy Research Projects

  • Systematic Literature Review on aspects of Critical Pedagogy
  • Position Papers and Essays on Critical Pedagogy
  • The Role of Transformative Technology
  • Pedagogy of Resilience
  • The Value of Learning Communities in Self-Affirmation
  • Collaborative Learning as a Vehicle for Critical Consciousness
  • Pupil voice and Pedagogy

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