Sumaya Saqr

Sumaya Saqr

Sumaya Saqr

Lecturer, Trainer, Assessor, and Internal Verifier


  • Master of Education, Curtin University of Technology, Australia.
  • Graduate Certificate of Education - Deakin University, Australia.
  • Bachelor of Education and Arts in English Language and Teaching Methods, UAE University, UAE.


Ms. Sumaya Saqr is a lecturer and trainer who joined ECAE in July 2007. She has taught the B.Ed. and Postgraduate Diploma programs. In addition, she also supervises undergraduate students’ action research projects and also supports student teachers during their school-based Practicum and Internship.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Saqr has trained teachers and school leaders on various skills. She is also an NCFE assessor and internal verifier. She has been guiding and supporting assessors to ensure quality and consistency of assessment; conducting formative and summative internal verification; monitoring and assessing assessors’ development and practice, following the guidance issued by both the Awarding Body and the Continuing Education Center at ECAE with regard to assessment.

From 2002 to 2007, Sumaya served as an educational inspector and a curriculum specialist in the UAE Ministry of Education. From 1992 to 2002 Sumaya was a high school English language teacher in the UAE Ministry of Education.

Her research interests focus on teachers’ professional development, and teaching and learning in inclusive classrooms.

Ms. Saqr obtained her Master’s degree in Education in 2010 from Curtin University, Australia and a Graduate Certificate of Education in 2009 from Deakin University, Australia. She is currently completing her PhD in Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy at the School of Education, Curtin University.


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