Dr. Tasneem Amatullah

Dr. Tasneem Amatullah

Dr. Tasneem Amatullah

Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership, Assessment and School Evaluation Division


Dr. Tasneem Amatullah is an experienced education professional with over 10 years of teaching experience in K-12 and higher education in the GCC and the United States with students ranging from a diverse slate of cultural backgrounds.

In addition to her teaching responsibilities at ECAE, Dr. Amatullah is actively involved in the School Leadership Licensure Project and is partnering with schools for effective research-based teaching and learning practices.

Prior to joining ECAE, Dr. Amatullah took on a faculty position at State University of New York in Oneonta in August 2018. She taught foundational courses to pre-service teachers such as Issues and philosophy of education; Diversity and Teaching; and Child Growth and Development courses. Prior to this, she taught Socio-cultural Foundations of Education and co-taught a graduate course on multicultural education at Miami University. During the early  pandemic phase this summer, she taught a graduate course on leadership, crisis management, and public policy. Further, in 2018, she was a recipient of Excellence in Teaching Award (Honorable Mention) from the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS 2018).

Dr. Amatullah has held professional memberships with the Comparative International Education Society, the National Association for Multicultural Education, and American Educational Research Association (AERA). Specifically, she served as a member of early career award committee for narrative research special interest group with the AERA.

 Dr. Amatullah has published in peer reviewed journals and has served as a book editor for Curriculum Windows: What curriculum theorists of the 1990s can teach us about schools and society today. Presently, she is co-editing a book on Islamic-based educational leadership. She has authored a chapter on Classroom Management in an Open Educational Resource on Foundations of Education. Additionally, she reviews for several peer-reviewed journals including International Journal of Leadership in Education, Critical Studies in Education, and Multicultural Perspectives. Tasneem also has extensive experience in grant writing and has successfully attained internal and external grants during her tenure in various institutions.

Dr. Amatullah’s current research continues to focus on Muslim women leadership narratives across the globe (Canada, USA, GCC, and India) in order to conduct a global comparative study of women’s leadership experiences in different geographical contexts. Broadly, her research centers on women’s educational leadership, curriculum and instruction, issues of equity, social justice, and policy analysis around the globe. She has presented the findings of her research at both national and international conferences in the GCC and the USA.

Dr. Tasneem Amatullah completed her Ph. D. in Educational Leadership, with a concentration in Leadership, Culture and Curriculum from Miami University in Ohio, U. S. A. During her time at Miami University, she also earned two graduate certificates: Assessment and Evaluation and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality studies. Employing a narrative research method, her doctoral research analyzed women’s leadership stories in light of Western leadership theories and its intersection with Islamic Leadership theory and practice. The most recurring theme centered on Collaborative leadership theory that both Western and Islamic leadership theories emphasize further voiding the top-down leadership approach. This study acknowledges the intersectional identity of women in their leadership roles.

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Research Journals

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Books, Chapters in Books, and Published Reports

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