Dr. Othman Abu Khurma

Dr. Othman Abu Khurma

Dr. Othman Abu Khurma

Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction Division


Dr. Othman Abu Khurma is a passionate and enthusiastic science educator with sixteen years of teaching experience in Jordan and GCC, in national and international academic organizations. Proven record of effective designing teaching and professional development materials for educators and students that engage learners in dynamic classroom discussions and creative learning activities.

Dr. Othman Abu Khurma is now working as an Assistant Professor of Science Education at the Curriculum and Instruction Division at Emirates College for Advanced Education ECAE. His role includes teaching postgraduate students (Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Master of Education and Innovation), supervising students in the practicum courses, advising students, conducting research, and supervising the thesis. The courses taught for postgraduate and undergraduate students are Action Research, Internship, School Inspection, Curriculum Progression, Evidence-based learning, and Assessing investigation skills.

Dr. Abu Khurma has also worked as a senior trainer at ECAE, designing and delivering educational programs and qualifications to prepare UAE science teachers. Before that, his role in Riyadh, KSA was as an Educational Expert in King Abdullah Public Education Development Program / Tatweer for Educational Services. He had many responsibilities in leading and delivering STEM training projects for Science & Math. In addition, a quality assurance officer for many training projects, especially the training developed from Pearson Education to the Ministry of Education in KSA “Tamkeen”, where the most crucial role was to qualify the STEM lessons to best enhance teachers’ teaching practices to teach Saudi curricula.

Dr. Othman Abu Khurma completed his Ph. D. in Science Education, concentrating on inquiry-based Physics Teaching, Curriculum & Instruction from Yarmouk University in Jordan. He also earned Four Educational and Vocational Qualifications: Level 4 Award in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment IQA from NCFE/United Kingdome, Level 4 Award in IQA of Assessment from NCFE/United Kingdome, Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement from CACHE/United Kingdome, and Level 5 Composite Award in Assessing Learners from ACTVET/United Arab Emirates.

Finally, Dr. Othman Abu Khurma is a member in the international organizations “Office of Astronomy for Education (OAE), and the Office Of Astronomy For Development (OAD).


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