Dr. Anna Dillon

Dr. Anna Dillon

Dr. Anna Dillon

Associate Professor


  • PhD from Technological University, Dublin (2011)
  • Master of Arts in Education from the University of Limerick (2005)
  • Bachelor of Education from the University of Limerick


Dr. Anna Dillon is an Associate Professor at Emirates College for Advanced Education. She has worked in the UAE since 2013, initially as a public school teacher and Head of Faculty in a kindergarten, and then as a teacher educator at Zayed University. She has held a variety of different administrative roles including Director of the Early Childhood Learning Center, an on-campus laboratory school at Zayed University, Chair of the Department of Education Studies, and Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at Zayed University.

She previously worked in Ireland as a teacher educator in Mary Immaculate College at the University of Limerick and Hibernia College. She started off her career as a classroom teacher in an Irish-language immersion setting, and then became the principal of 2 different small schools while continuing to work as a teacher of multi-level classes. She holds a PhD from Technological University, Dublin (2011), a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Limerick (2005) and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Limerick.

Her PhD studies were funded by a full scholarship from the Center for Early Childhood Development at Dublin City University. She also holds a TESOL certificate from INTESOL, a Certificate in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning from the University of British Columbia and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (Advance HE). Her research interests include bilingual education, early childhood education, translanguaging, co-teaching, teacher education, English Medium Instruction, and Third Culture Kids. Her most recent publication, Teacher education and EMI in the UAE and Arabian peninsula – past, present, and future perspectives, co-authored with Prof. Kay Gallagher, explores the role of language in teacher education in the GCC, and the affordances of a translanguaging pedagogy in the region. Anna is passionate about languages and believes in each individual harnessing their full linguistic repertoire to enhance their communication skills. She is fluent in Irish, is at a B1/ B2 CEFR level in French and German, has a smattering of some of the Romance language and is currently learning Slovene.


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