Teacher Training

We design and deliver teacher training aligned to international standards to deepen educators’ subject knowledge and pedagogical concepts Our training will also develop their professional practices and promote positive citizenship.

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Subject Knowledge

These programmes enable teachers to excel in their area of specialisation and enhance their subject knowledge. Subject knowledge training is available for the following subjects: Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Arabic and English language.

Pedagogical Concepts

Our teacher training programmes and/or workshops upskill teachers’ knowledge, teaching methods and classroom practices to meet learners’ needs. These include effective and appropriate interaction between teachers, students, and the learning environment to ensure a successful learning experience.

Professional Practices

CEC provide the expertise for teachers to demonstrate professional ethics in the workplace while they apply professional development, and communication and collaboration skills on learner achievement. Teachers will also develop the competence to demonstrate accountability for and to learners, and diversity, while creating positive learning environments.

Positive Citizenship

These training programmes and/or workshops provide the expertise for teachers to demonstrate knowledge of the UAE national values and building constructive, professional and personal relationships through of UAE principles and legislation and teacher responsibility towards their school and community.