Student Services Department aims to create a healthy and an enjoyable study environment that will enrich the learning experience and leadership skills for all ECAE students. In addition, we enhance the UAE cultural and social values among all students to be UAE future educators. With the support of Student Services Department, ECAE’s students will make an effective contribution during and beyond their study in ECAE to the community and to our beloved country.

The Student Services Department assists students in developing skills, abilities, and experience, by supporting the academic programs as well as providing point of contact where they can voice their opinions on facilities and services provided by the College. The Department offers co-curricular activities which help students understand how to be creative educational leaders, lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and contributors to the global community.

Students Support and Counseling

ECAE provides a professional counseling service to its students to assist them with everyday life changes that affect their academic life. ECAE provides practical and confidential advice and support to help overcome the challenges that students may face during their academic life.

Activities and Events

ECAE offers a range of activities which complement the academic learning undertaken in the College. Students are engaged in variety of social, cultural, and intellectual activities and/or events which also serve to enhance the student’s social, communication, and leadership skills.

ECAE Clubs

ECAE’s life is distinguished by having unique and interesting clubs. The membership of clubs gives students the chance to meet new friends and share interest and knowledge. ECAE’s clubs aim to develop skills and abilities, and discover individual talents through a variety of co-curricular activities. There are a range of clubs available in ECAE which change each year, for the current list of clubs available please contact the Student Services Department ( .

Student Representative Council (SRC)

ECAE’s Student Representative Council (SRC) is a student organization established to improve relationships and understanding within the student body. It acts as the students’ voice and generates productive academic and social activities and/or events.

Student Accommodation

ECAE provides comfortable accommodation free of charge to undergraduate students who live outside of the Abu Dhabi city.

The student housing has common areas so that students can meet, relax or undertake some group study. Single rooms may be requested and these will be allocated subject to availability and all Wi-Fi access is available throughout the accommodation.

Transportation is arranged to and from the College daily and at the end of the week students are taken to their homes and returned back to the residence.

Students wishing to apply for accommodation should contact the Student Services Office ( or the Admissions Office ( when applying for entry to the.

For contact Student Services Department email: .