The Research Office is responsible for overseeing research activities at ECAE. It aims to create a supportive environment for faculty and students, and to promote integrity and excellence in research. The Research Office provides the following support:

  • Overseeing the development and implementation of research policy by promoting the best research practices and ethical standards, monitoring internal and external research grants, organizing research workshops and seminars, funding conferences and meetings, and providing training in multiple areas of research for the benefit of faculty and students.
  • Encouraging high quality research by providing guidance through the Research Committee, which is responsible for evaluating the academic merit of research proposals from faculty, students or external researchers who intend to conduct research at ECAE.
  • Promoting a culture of ethical research by providing guidance through the Ethics Committee. All research proposals involving human participants are reviewed by the Committee to ensure that any research activity at ECAE is adhere to the highest standards of ethics norms. All faculty and students conducting research must complete ethics training.

Faculty at ECAE are active in areas across a wide spectrum of educational questions. The research topics outlined below offer a snapshot of some of the research conducted by faculty. Some of these projects are supported by ECAE Faculty Research Grants.

  • Investigating the Spontaneous Brain Activity Associated with Non-cognitive Skills.
  • Perceptual Decision Making in Child Development.
  • An Educational Needs Analysis for Juvenile Correctional Facilities in Abu Dhabi.
  • Leveraging Social Capital in Systemic Education Reform.
  • Student and Instructor perceptions of Personal Mobile Technology Usage and Policies for the Classroom.
  • Pre-service Teachers’ Perception of Quick Response (QR) Code Integration in Classroom Activities.
  • The Effects of Parenthood on the Professional Lives of Female and Male Academics.

Projects supported by ADEK Research Excellence Award (AARE) Grants

  • Investigating the Integration and Impact of 3D Printing in Primary Classrooms (AARE 2015).
  • Beyond ABC’s and 123’s: A Two Year Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Kindergarten Education on Child Outcomes in Abu Dhabi (AARE 2015).
  • Assessing the Functional Outcomes of Children with Hearing Loss in Abu Dhabi (AARE 2017).

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