ECAE will be a world-class research-based College whose graduates are recognized as transformational educators in the schools of the UAE and beyond.


The College will prepare and continually improve outstanding teachers and educational leaders to forward the economic and social ambitions of Abu Dhabi and the UAE through research-based study.


  • EXCELLENCE in the provision of education, research and professional development while fostering innovation and continuous improvement.
  • CONTRIBUTING effectively to enrich the educational provision available in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the UAE and the region.
  • ACHIEVEMENT of outstanding educational outcomes that support the nation’s economic goals.
  • EMPOWERMENT of learners and instructors encouraging them to lead the way within the field of education.

Institutional Goals

  • Reputation for Excellence:

    Develop a reputation as the destination of choice for high achieving students wishing to become teachers in the UAE and for highly qualified and experienced national and international faculty.

  • Student Focus:

    Create a student-centred environment which fosters excellence in teaching and learning, supported by an accredited world-class curriculum and student learning environment.

  • Partnership:

    Create national and international partnership opportunities which enhance the student’s learning experience.

  • Research:

    Create and promote an internationally acknowledged and respected culture of research; demonstrating a commitment to scholarship, innovation, and best practice with a specific focus on teaching and learning in a bilingual culture.

  • Community Engagement:

    Engage with stakeholders and the wider community ensuring ECAE is a valued contributor to, and participant in, the life of the UAE.

  • Assessment:

    Establish a Centre of Excellence for Assessment within ECAE which sets clear standards for potential students to meet to study within the College; measures the achievement of students across the Emirate; and forms the basis of the licensing of teachers underpinned by professional development programs.

  • Institutional Effectiveness:

    Create a College-wide commitment to institutional effectiveness in all academic and administrative functions.