Her Excellency Jameela Bint Salem Mesbeh Al Muhairi

Cabinet Member and Minister of State for Public Education

About the Conference:

Educational development in a country largely depends on how well progress is measured, evaluated, and assessed. An effective education system needs robust quality control and monitoring mechanisms in place to efficiently evaluate the performance of the learning organizations. In recent years, considerable attention has been given to the roles of educational measurement, evaluation, and assessment with a view to improving the education systems in general and to adequately prepare the young generation to meet the ever growing demands of the 21st century in particular.

The conference is aimed at those working in all sectors of education and training who have a keen interest in advancing their knowledge and skills in educational measurement, evaluation, and assessment. This event will be of great interest to educational leaders, policy makers, educators, and researchers. The conference will be a key international gathering of acclaimed scholars with immense opportunities for dialogue, exchange of views, and networking in a productive environment.


Topics covered in the conference, among others, include the following:

  • Cognition and Assessment
  • Classroom Assessment
  • School Effectiveness and School Improvement
  • Test Validity Research and Evaluation
  • Measurement and Assessment in Higher Education
  • Data-Driven Decision Making in Education
  • Professional Licensure and Certification
  • Assessment of 21st century skills
  • Advances in Psychometrics, including Item Response Theory and Rasch Measurement