Associate Professor in Assessment and School Evaluation Division


Ph.D. in Policy and Management, The University of Melbourne, Australia


Dr. Rida Blaik-Hourani earned her Ph.D. in Policy and Management from The University of Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Blaik Hourani has taught and authored diverse courses in various disciplines at the higher education level. She is registered in the Schools Board School Teacher in Victoria, Australia and she is certified in assessing vocational achievement. Her professional expertise are in education leadership, school management, policy, school reforms, school evaluation, school improvement, educational equity and social justice and building capacities.

Dr. Blaik Hourani has worked on several educational projects with MoE Bahrain and UAE, pertaining to: curriculum improvement, constructing and reviewing programs, setting performance standards framework and enhancing quality assurance, within schools and higher education institutions. Dr. Blaik Hourani is also interested in curriculum innovation and has been involved in authoring and revising social studies curriculum and pedagogies. Moreover, she has constructed, facilitated and implemented educational projects relevant to building capacities; this includes teachers and school principal’s pre-service and in-service preparation and training.

Dr. Blaik Hourani has worked as Division Head for Arts and Humanities, Educational Leadership and Assessment and School Evaluation. Her research focus is on policy and leadership, school management, educational reforms and innovation, peace education, educational equity and social justice. Dr. Blaik Hourani has been engaged in teaching and authoring courses at the B.Ed., M.Ed., Doctoral and PGD programs for Arts and Humanities, Educational Leadership and Assessment & School Evaluation Divisions. She has also constructed concentration tracks for the B.Ed. and M.Ed. Programs, supervised in-service and pre-service teachers’ research projects, practicum, and internships at the B.Ed., PGD and M.Ed. levels.

Dr. Blaik Hourani has chaired and acted on several committees, including the Research Committee, Human Ethics Committee and Academic Graduate sub-committee. Last but not least Dr. Blaik Hourani is affiliated to the International Baccalaureate Exam Board, Association for Teachers Education in Europe, International Study for Leadership Development in Higher Education (ISLDHE).


Articles in Peer-Reviewed Research Journals

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Books, Chapters in Books and Other

Book Chapters:

Litz, D., & Blaik Hourani, R. (in press, 2020). Transformational Leadership and Change in Education in R. Papa (Ed.), [Oxford] Encyclopaedia of educational administration. New York, New York: Oxford University Press.

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Blaik Hourani, R. (2010). What Palestine Do We Teach? The History Curriculum for Palestinian Arabs, 1861-1999: Germany and U.S.A. Lambert Academic Publishing.

Research reports and other publications

Dr. Rida Blaik Hourani is the author of 3 children literature pieces. These stories stem from UAE folktales/ Arabian Gulf Countries and aim at educating children in terms of differentiating between fact and fiction and social rituals and religious practices. The stories entitled:

  • Hemarat Al Qayleh
  • Um Al Souf Wa Leef
  • Um Dways and Bu Diryan
  • Nabta Mumayaza Li Munasabah Saaedah