The Educational Leadership & Language Division examines both education policy and leadership, in addition it provides studies within the English language, culture, and society in education systems in the Gulf and globally. The Division offers to educational leaders and aspiring leaders courses that examine in-depth relevant and critical issues surrounding education policy and practice. The aim of the Division is to develop teachers, educational leaders, and policymakers who are able to lead, inspire and empower others to develop educational practices, both locally and globally. The Division assists decision-makers in the UAE and beyond through policy formulation, analysis and evaluation, as well as explore education policy from an academic and practical perspective.

In addition, the Division exists to develop students’ general and academic English language proficiency and oversees the IELTS Preparatory Program, Bachelor of Education Academic Writing and Bachelor of Education Academic Reading courses, General English Language Skills, and intensive IELTS refresher courses.

In addition to language skills development, the division works in collaboration with other subject areas within the College in support of academic and linguistic expectations inherent in courses across the curriculum. The Division blends linguistic science with the art of classroom practice and is engaged in teaching applied linguistics courses within the undergraduate and graduate level. The Division aims to provide students with a firm and broad foundation in current theories of language and language learning.

In addition, the Division is involved in researching educational issues in the UAE and beyond in order to improve the recruitment, preparation and practice of teachers and education leaders at the school, university, and national levels.

Division Head:

Sheree Jederberg-Audet , Ed.D. in Urban Education Leadership, University of Southern California (USC), USA.

Selected Publications:

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