Dean Academic (Acting)

Ph.D. in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis from The Ohio State University, USA.

Dr. Al-Hassan has a Ph.D. in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis from The Ohio State University, USA in 2003. Dr. Al-Hassan joined ECAE in 2014 and held the position of Chair of the graduate programs and professional development for two years. Prior to joining ECAE, Dr. Al-Hassan worked at the Hashemite University in Jordan, where she was a key person in establishing the Queen Rania Faculty for Childhood and became the dean of that faculty for several years.

Dr. Al-Hassan has served in professional leadership roles in several accreditation panels for the Jordanian Higher Education Accreditation Council of early childhood and special education teacher preparation and training undergraduate and graduate programs. In addition, she served as a board member in the National Council for Family Affairs in Jordan.

Dr. Al-Hassan has consulted for several national and international organizations on Early childhood and special education, and led the development and evaluation of programs such as the School Readiness, the evaluation of early childhood reform in Jordan, and the Better Parenting Program for UNICEF, co-developed standards for kindergartens and nurseries in Jordan and standards for special education accreditation programs, consulted for UNICEF to lead the development of Early Learning Development Standards in the region, and recently co-developed the parenting program standards for MEANA region by UNICEF HQ.

Dr. Al-Hassan is very active researcher, one of her research grant primarily funded by the USA National Institute of Health (NIH), Fogarty International Center, and Jacobs Foundation in collaboration with Duke University is the longitudinal study of ‘Parenting Across Cultures’ which is in its ninth year and is researching how biological, cultural and familial processes impact child development, self-regulation and risk-taking in nine different cultures/countries.

Dr. Al-Hassan extensively published tens of research papers in prestigious international high impact journals in matters pertaining to Education and Psychology.