The Assessment and School Evaluation Division examines various dimensions of t assessment and evaluation paradigms. It also focuses on school inspection, evaluation and innovation. The Division offers educators, educational leaders and manager’s courses that examine in-depth, relevant and critical issues surrounding education practices within the realms of test, measurement, assessment and evaluation. Given the growing accountability framework in public education throughout the world, and the recent movement towards standards-based education, there is increased need for policy makers and educators’ competency in the area of student assessment and evaluation.

The aim of the Assessment and School Evaluation Division is to develop human capacities in alignment with the UAE educational vision, strategic plan and school reforms’ agenda. The programs offered within the division aim at creating a human capital that is able to lead, inspire and empower, in order to develop educational practices that are in synchrony with the 21st century education, where the role of educators and policy makers revolves around improved achievement and performance on both the students’ and organizational levels.

The Division exists to develop and construct academic and scholarly knowledge, skills and on-going learning through the variety of programs on offer, including: PGD, M.Ed. and Ph.D. The programs on offer endorse assessment and evaluation tools, processes, strategies, designs and policies that galvanize school improvement, development and innovation.

The Division encompasses research activities that embody school-based within the realm of education reforms and school transformation within the UAE and beyond.

Division Head:

Rida Blaik Hourani, Ph.D. Education, Policy & Management. The University of Melbourne, Australia.