The Assessment and Evaluation Centre has three core aims and these can be summarized as providing assurance that:

  • Educators in Abu Dhabi have the potential to enter and succeed within their chosen educational studies.
  • Educators in Abu Dhabi have the core generic skills and meet licensure standards required to perform their role within the education sector, and
  • Provide information, support and guidance to government bodies and educationally related organizations to continuously improve the quality of assessment in Abu Dhabi.


  • Supporting the Teacher Licensing System underpinned by robust assessments and processes to ensure that educators in the UAE school system are qualified and possess the knowledge and up-to-date skills to educate future generations of young people to the highest standard.
  • Organizing an annual international conference on educational measurement, evaluation and assessment to advance the knowledge and skills and exchange and share experience with internationally renowned experts in this area.

Program Chair:

Professor Myint Swe Khine

Ed.D in Science Education, Curtin University of Technology, Perth. Australia